Bahamas Day Trip from Florida You Won't Believe! (2023)


Believe it or not, a day trip to our BahamasDay trip from Miami to the Bahamasit is very possible. Imagine soaking up the Bahamian sun with warm white sand between your toes and the sound of cool turquoise water just ten steps away. Doesn't the idea make you scream? A Bahamas cruise from Fort Lauderdale could be part of your next Bahamas vacation.

The Bahamas is a tropical paradise made up of over 700 islands with varied atmospheres and attractions, each with their own unique entertainment and things to do in the Bahamas to fill every trip to the Bahamas. Whether you're traveling with your family, partner, or friends, there's a day trip to Fort Lauderdale, Bahamas to suit every traveler's needs.

Day trips to the Bahamas are easy due to its proximity to South Florida. Fort Lauderdale is a short drive down the coast to Miami. Day cruises from Miami operate daily through a variety of tour companies. However, what many people don't realize is that there are also options for a Bahamas cruise from Fort Lauderdale.

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Aerial view on a day trip to the Bahamas from Fort Lauderdale.

Now it's easyday trip to the bahamasof Fort Lauderdale and there are many options to consider. There is one option that is better than all the others and we will discuss why in this article. Read on to find out why the best way to take a day trip from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas is through the sky!

Why You Shouldn't Take the Ferry from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas

A ferry from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas was the only way to take a day trip from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas. Fortunately, that is a thing of the past. With the new wave ofAir Tours in the BahamasYou no longer have to worry about all the mass tourism that makes the boat experience completely unpleasant!

Some of the disadvantages of the ferry include (but are not limited to): crowded boats, rough waters that lead to motion sickness when least expected, long transit times, mass tourism that ruins the cultural experience, and more!

Sailing at sea is a three hour nightmare just to get there and is often delayed due to the surprisingly harsh conditions in the Caribbean and Atlantic. If you tend to get dizzy easily, you may not even go; Even those who don't normally surf have been known to struggle with this crowded promenade.

Once you get there, you automatically rush. You've wasted a lot of time traveling and the ferry company is already telling you when the last return ferry of the day is. He runs to the nearest beach, which is crowded and not a good experience. Or, perhaps, go in search of swimming pigs. But even if you do find the pigs, they are not the real swimming pigs. These are pigs that were unethically transported to the tropics as a tourist attraction.

This is because the only wayStanley Kayday trips (where the realexuma pigslive) is on a day trip to Fort Lauderdale in the Bahamas with Bahamas Air Charter. By ferry, you'll end up in Freeport or Bimini (that's where everyone goes) and miss out on excursions to Pig Beach.

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Bahamian porpoises swimming in Big Majors Cay in the Bahamas.

In the early afternoon, the Exuma Pigs tour companies at Pig Beach will compete for your business to purchase your two-hour tour packages before you are transferred back to the ship. There are many day trips to the Bahamas from Fort Lauderdale just like this one. They are all the same.

Traveling by sea means you will lose a lot of precious time that could be spent relaxing in the wonderful Exuma Cays.

In an apparent conflict of interest, a new cruise to the Bahamas from Fort Lauderdale has been unveiled and is making waves among Florida vacationers. On Bahamas Air Tours, our day trip to the Bahamas from Fort Lauderdale can go farther from the Florida coast to the less traveled islands of the Bahamas Keys and to the famous Bahamian Swimming Pigs on Staniel Cay.

Bahamas Day Trips from Fort Lauderdale by Plane

There are a few things to consider when booking a day trip to Fort Lauderdale, Bahamas that you might not have known about before you read on.

First and foremost, and perhaps the biggest benefit of booking an air tour of the Bahamas by ferry is the time you save. Compare a six-hour round trip by boat to a two-hour round trip by plane. When you're only in the Bahamas for a day, those four hours you save can make all the difference on a trip to the Bahamas from Fort Lauderdale.

But the advantages do not end there. Suppose she booked a ticket on a ship. You'd be stuck in your seat with no view, probably with someone near you experiencing nausea (those waters get rough). Compare that to the luxury offered by Bahamas Air Tours, where you'll board our state-of-the-art, nine-seater private jet with an extra-large window seat for everyone on board. It is perfect to enjoy the top view of one of the most glorious sections of the world.

Air travel from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas is guaranteed to take you to the tropical paradise of the Bahamian Keys faster than any journey by sea. Not only that, but it will take you away from the crowds so that you can enjoy a more exclusive experience than the rest of the hikers. Bahamas Air Tours is the only company of its kind!

Why Airplane is the Best Bahamas Day Trip from Fort Lauderdale

In addition to the spare time you will have, you will also have an unimaginable view.exuma caysas few people experience. Your eyes will take in the vibrant waters of the Caribbean in the comfort and luxury of a private jet and you will begin to feel like you are living a life outside of your own.

If you've never flown in a private plane, it's an experience in itself! With a fully customizable private tour, you and your friends have the final say on where you'd like to go, and as the plane runs its schedule, you'll be able to enjoy each island to your heart's content.

Most hikers will choose to get as far away from the ferry tourist crowds as possible, giving them a truly worthwhile experience. And the Exuma Cays are one of the most spectacular places to fly in the world!

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Bahamas Island iguana on Bitter Guana Cay

A quick overview of the two types of tours.

Ferry or Speed ​​Boat to the Bahamas:

  • Noisy and crowded ferry/boat, mass tourism
  • rough seas, rough seas
  • six hours roundtrip
  • Many islands are inaccessible
  • time constraints
  • tourist beaches

Bahamas Air Tour in Private Plane:

  • Private 9-seater charter plane, with experience.
  • Large window seat for all passengers
  • 2 hour round trip flight.
  • customizable itinerary
  • group rates
  • expert guides
  • Accessibility to the islands of the Bahamas.
  • Fly over the Exuma Cays: the most spectacular aerial view in the world
  • Private tour, no crowds and no rush!

What does a day trip to the Bahamas from Fort Lauderdale offer?

So what will you see once you arrive? Well, that is largely up to you. With a customizable schedule, the itinerary is up to you. One thing is for sure: you can be prepared to see tons of beautiful nature, secluded beaches, and tropical marine waters. Below are some of the options available to you:

  • Pigs swimming in the pig beach.
  • Nurse sharks at Compass Cay
  • Sand bar at Pipe Cay
  • James Bond's Thunder Grotto
  • Staniel Cay Yacht Club en Staniel Cay
  • Submarine plane crash off Harvey Cay
  • Bahamas Rock Iguana at Bitter Guana Cay
  • Turtles at Farmers Cay

Other trips to the Bahamas from Fort Lauderdale will take too long and you will be limited to the Bahamian sights you can see due to time constraints. That is why the only option to live a true experience in the Bahamas is with Bahamas Air Tours through its private jet experience.

Bahamas Day Trip from Florida You Won't Believe! (5)

Aerial view of the coral reef on a day trip to the Bahamas.

Book your Fort Lauderdale day cruise today!

Bahamas Air Tours takes you to islands that other companies do not. We flew to islands that a cruise ship would not or would not allow you to take you to. A day cruise to Fort Lauderdale in the Bahamas can take you to outer reefs where you can experience marine life intact and alive. You can see blue holes and underwater caves like you've never seen before without having to deal with the masses of people.

Are you ready forbook your day tripto the Bahamas from Fort Lauderdale that will give you the experience of a lifetime? Good news, today is the day to do it.Air Tours in the Bahamasit will show you the best of the Exuma Cays and give you more time to explore all that this country has to offer. With experienced guides, your day trip to the Bahamas from Fort Lauderdale will be informative and unforgettable. What are you waiting for? Click here tobook your day tripsNow in the Bahamas!

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