exeter NH Community Profile | Economic and Labor Market Information Office (2023)

exeter NH Community Profile | Economic and Labor Market Information Office (1)

exeter NH Community Profile | Economic and Labor Market Information Office (2)


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exeter NH Community Profile | Economic and Labor Market Information Office (7)

exeter NH Community Profile | Economic and Labor Market Information Office (9)

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exeter NH Community Profile | Economic and Labor Market Information Office (10) community contact city ​​of exeter
Dave Sharples, urbanista
10 front street
Exeter, NH 03833
telephone (603) 778-0591
Fax (603) 772-4709
E-mail pmcelroy@exeternh.gov
Site web http://exeternh.gov
city ​​office hours Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 4:30 pm; City Clerk: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 8:15 am - 4:00 pm, Tuesday, 8:15 am - 7:00 pm, Friday, 8:15 am - 12:30 pm; Tax collector: Monday to Friday, 8:15 am to 4:00 pm
County Rockingham
Labor Market Area Portsmouth, NH-ME Metropolitano NECTA
tourist region Coast
Planning Commission Rockingham
regional development Regional Economic Development Corporation
electoral districts
United States Congress District District 1
executive Council District District 3
state senate District District 24
state representative Districts 11, 33rd Rockingham County

Incorporated: 1638
Origin:Exeter was one of the four original towns established in New Hampshire, first settling in 1638 as Squamscott. The settlement administrators named it Exeter, known as the Exeter Combination. The city's riverside location made it a center for shipbuilding and a trading port for the West Indies. The Exeter charter included the present-day towns of Epping, Newmarket, Newfields and Brentwood. Exeter was the birthplace of Daniel Chester French, sculptor of the Lincoln figure on the Lincoln Memorial. Both the Phillips Exeter Academy, donated by Colonel John Phillips in 1781, and the Museum of American Independence are located in Exeter.
Cities and place names:Dows Corner, Gooch Corner, Haynes Corner, Jady Hill, Perkins Hill
Population, year of first census:1,722 residents in 1790
Population trends:Exeter's population change totaled 5,090 in 41 years, from 11,024 in 1980 to 16,114 in 2021. The largest decadal percentage change was a 15% increase between 1980 and 1990. The 2021 census estimate for Exeter was 16,114 residents, which ranked 18th among New Hampshireers. incorporated cities and towns.
Population density and land area, 2021 (US Census Bureau):815.5 people per square mile of land area. Exeter contains 19.8 square miles of land area and 0.3 square miles of inland water area.

municipal services
type of government aldermen
Budget: Municipal Appropriations, 2022 $ 32.022.345
Budget: School Allocations, 2020-2021 $ 22.314.061
zoning ordinance 1973/22
main shot 2018
Capitol Improvement Plan Sim
Industrial Plans Reviewed By Planning Board
Boards and Commissions
The chosen:selection jury; Library; Swasey; trust funds
Done:Visit http://exeternh.gov for a list of councils and committees to which citizens can be nominated.
Public Library Public Exeter

emergency services
Police department full time
Fire Department full time
Medical Emergency Service Municipal
Nearest hospital(s) Distance beds with staff
Exeter Hospital, Exeter Local 99

public utility services
electrical supplier lead to top
natural gas supplier lead to top
water supplier City of Exeter/Private Wells
Sanitation Municipal/private septic tank
Municipal wastewater treatment plant Sim
Solid waste disposal
garbage collection on the sidewalkMunicipal/Contract
Programa Pay As You GoSim
recycling programSim
Telephone company Consolidated communications; comcast
Cell phone access Sim
Cable TV access Sim
public access television station Sim
High Speed ​​Internet Service:

(NH Revenue Administration Department)property taxes
2021 total tax rate (per $1,000 worth) $ 24,01
Remuneration Index 2021 79,9
2021 Full Value Tax Rate (per $1,000 worth) $ 18,28
2021 Percentage of local cadastral value by property type
Land and Residential Buildings75,5%
Land and Commercial Buildings22,6%
Utilities, current use and others1,9%

(AEC 2016-2020)Accommodation
Total housing units 7.210
Single-family, Separate or Adosada units 3.481
Units in multifamily structures:
Structure of two to four units 786
Five or more units in the structure 2.000
Mobile homes and other housing units 943
(US Census Bureau)Population
(1-year/decadal estimates)
Total population Community County
2021 16.114 316.947
2020 16.015 314.430
2010 14.306 295.223
2000 14.098 278.748
1990 12.654 246.744
1980 11.024 190.345
Demografia, American Community Survey (ACS) 2016-2020
Population by gender
Masculine:6.833 Female:8.346
Population by age group
less than 5 years 456
5 to 19 years 2.616
Age 20 to 34 2.403
35 to 54 years old 3.906
55 to 64 years old 2.198
65 years and over 3.600
Middle Ages 47.6 years
Level of education, population aged 25 and over
Complete high school or higher 95,3%
University title of first cycle or superior 51,4%

(AEC 2016-2020)Income, $adjusted for inflation
make "per capita $ 57.384
median family income $ 117.637
median family income $ 73.109
Middle-income, full-time, year-round, 16 years and older
Masculine $ 74.922
Female $ 55.978
Individuals below the poverty level 5,9%

annual percentage 2011 2021
civilian workforce 7.941 8.717
employee 7.518 8.426
Unemployed 423 291
Unemployment rate 5,3% 3,3%

(NHES-ELMI)Employment and wages
Annual Average Covered Employment 2011 2021
Goods producing industries
average job 1.277 1.384
average weekly salary $ 1.197 $ 1.559
Service providing industries
average job 7.414 8.600
average weekly salary $ 916 $ 1.379
Total private industry
average job 8.691 9.984
average weekly salary $ 958 $ 1.404
Government (federal, state and municipal)
average job 926 850
average weekly salary $ 882 $ 1.179
Total, Private plus Government
average job 9.617 10.834
average weekly salary $ 950 $ 1.386

If "n" appears, the data does not meet disclosure standards.

(Video) An Economic Outlook for New Hampshire and Beyond

(NH Department of Education)Education and child care
Schools students attend: Exeter operates grades K-5; grades 6-12 are part of the Exeter Region Cooperative (Brentwood, East Kingston, Kensington, Newfields, Stratham, Exeter) O 16
Career Technology Center(s): offshore technology school
Educational facilities (includes charter schools) Elementary high/high school Secondary school Private/Parish
number of schools 2 1 2 2
series levels P K 1-5 6-8 9-12 PK 1-12 PG
Total Enrollment 860 45 1.666 1.151
NH 2021 Licensed Child Care Facilities (Child Care Licensing Office): Total installations:8 Total capacity:676
Nearest Community/Technical College:great bay
Nearest colleges or universities:University of N.H.

bigger companies Product/Service Employees established
exeter hospital health services 900 1897
Academia Philips Exeter Education 520 1781
osram silvania electronics 318 1965
city ​​of exeter municipal services 150 1638
Riverwoods em Exeter nursing home, medical care 500 1994
cigarette pistols 200 1989
Cobham electronics 370 1988
Vapotherm medical device manufacturer 121 1999

Employer information provided by the municipality

(Estimated distance from city/town hall)Transport
road access US routes
State Routes 27, 85, 88, 101, 108, 111, 111A
Nearest interstate exit I-95 Exit 2
Distance 6 miles
Railroad Amtrak Downeaster
Public transportation COSTA
Closest airport for public use, general aviation
hampton airfieldTrack2,100 foot lawn
Illuminated? Sim Navigation aid? No
Closest airport with scheduled service
Regional Manchester-Boston Distance 33 miles
Number of passenger airlines serving the airport 4
Driving distance to selected cities:
Manchester, Nueva Hampshire 31 miles
Portland, United States 68 miles
Boston, MA 52 miles
New York City, New York 263 miles
Montreal, Quebec 285 miles

(AEC 2016-2020)To go to work
Workers aged 16 and over
I was driving alone, car/truck/van82,0%
carpool, car/truck/van5,2%
Public transportation0,2%
Other media0,8%
I worked at home9,0%
Average commute time to work23.1 minutes
Percentage of residents who work:(AEC 2016-2020)
Work in the community of residence75,3%
Travel to another NH community11,1%
Travel out of state13,6%
Recreation, Attractions and Events
x municipal parks
boys club/girls club
x golf courses
Swimming: indoor facility
x Swimming: outdoor facility
Tennis courts: indoor installation
x Tennis courts: outdoor installation
x Ice skating rink: indoor facility
x bowling facilities
x museums
x performing arts installations
x Tourist attractions
x Youth organizations (i.e. Boy Scouts, 4-H)
x Youth Sports: Baseball
x Youth Sports: Football
x Youth Sports: Football
x Youth Sports: Basketball
x Youth Sports: Hockey
x camps
x Fishing/Hunting
x Boat trips/Marinas
x snowmobile trails
x bike trails
x cross country skiing
x Beach or seaside recreation area
x Day or night camps
Nearest ski area(s):in this
Other:hiking trails

Office of Economic and Labor Market Information, NH Job Security, 2021 Community response received on 5/23/22

All community information is from sources believed to be reliable and is presented subject to errors, omissions, modifications and withdrawal without notice. The accuracy of the information contained in this document is not guaranteed or represented. Specific questions about individual cities and towns should be directed to the community contact.

(Video) An Economic Outlook for New Hampshire and Beyond

(Video) A Regional Conversation on Housing: Tackling the Important Issues

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Acesso TDD: Relay NH 1-800-735-2964

copyright 2018. State of New Hampshire

(Video) Budget Recommendations Committee - 10/21/22


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