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After navigating the 10disney cruisesI think the most common question we hear is, “Always wanted to do one, but how much does a Disney cruise cost? Disney cruises are definitely one of the top ships at sea and that comes at a premium price.

So we're here to break down how much a Disney cruise costs, what's included, a look at Disney cruise prices in 2023 and whether it's worth it compared to other cruises.

What's Included in Your Disney Cruise Price

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when you are lookinghow much does a disney cruise costI think one of the main factors you have to consider is the amount of things that are included on a Disney cruise.

Disney Cruise passengers can expect the full Disney experience throughout their voyage. Let's take a look at everything that's included on your Disney cruise.

Broadway Musicals and Unreleased Films

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All ships have theaters with live Broadway musicals (and these are really amazing musicals), plus unlimited access to theaters with the latest Disney and Marvel movies.

You'll often find yourself on board watching the latest Marvel thriller (we saw Black Panther on board as soon as it came out) or a new Pixar movie.

Incredible Dining with a Disney Magic Touch

Meals are included in the cruise fare. Each ship has rotating dinners where you'll visit one of three restaurants each night. Your server travels with you as you dine at each new location, and the servers on the ship are pretty cool. Many have performed magic tricks for our children and are the most loving people you will ever meet.

In addition, there is a buffet and many places to eat throughout the day. There are several quick service places where my husband loves to get a pizza, as well as 24 hour room service where you can even get Mickey ice cream bars delivered to his room.

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Unlike most Disney cruises, guests can also enjoy endless beverages at no additional cost. Tea and coffee are also included on board, plus unlimited ice cream with all the toppings. The only food with an extra cost is at Palo & Remy's haute cuisine and at Vanelope's pastry shop.

The best kids' club on any cruise line

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If you asked my kids what they love about a Disney cruise, it would be the kids' club. In our ranking ofthe best cruisesDoes the Disney Cruises Kids Club trump all other cruises? (no pun intended).

My kids aren't the type of kids that like to get lost and go to a kids club, but Disney's is out of this world. There is no comparison with any other cruise line. The themed rooms are amazing and the staff is incredible.

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character experiences

There is no other ship at sea that offers the character experiences that the Disney Cruise does. You might find yourself casually strolling through Captain Hook or Peter Pan. Characters have multiple photo opportunities scheduled throughout the day where you can get your picture taken with your favorite character.

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In addition, in the children's club the characters will come to visit and play with the children. So if your family loves Disney characters, there are plenty on board to interact with.

castaway key

If you're traveling on a Disney cruise to the Bahamas or the Caribbean, your fare includes a visit to Disney's private island,castaway key. This island is amazing with beautiful beaches, waterslides, snorkeling and much more.

The best part is all the food as well as the cruise is included. It will definitely be one of your favorite stops on the cruise. For an additional cost, you can get aCabana Castaway CayThese cost quite a bit, but if you can afford it, they're just amazing.

if you like to runDisney Castaway Cay has a 5Kto start the day. It's a fun way to start one of the best days on the cruise.

How much will a Disney cruise cost in 2023?

So what we've done is we've broken down the average cost of a Disney cruise for a family of 4 with several different itineraries. These prices are total and include all taxes for a family of 4. All of these cruises are priced based on Inside, Ocean View and Sundeck staterooms.

We don't include theconcierge level, because this is on another level. While the interior of the terraced cabins are priced quite similarly. After looking at some costs, we'll break down how to find the best deal.

Now normally the cost of a Disney cruise increases each year, but in 2023 we expect prices to remain the same except for the newWish Disney!Also, be on the lookout for more special offers to get people browsing again.

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3-night Caribbean cruise

Surprisingly, a 3-night Disney cruise can vary greatly in price. You might consider paying between $2,600 and $6,300 for a 3-night Caribbean cruise.So you're looking at $216-$525 per person per day.

4-night Caribbean cruise

A 4-night Caribbean cruise can cost between $3,400 and $6,700. You'll find that a 4-night cruise is usually a better value because you sail during the week; so if you have the chance to miss a few days of the week, go on a 4 night cruise.A night of 4 people averages $212-$418 per person per day

7-night Caribbean and Europe Cruise

For a family of four, a 7-night cruise will cost between $5,300 and $10,000. 7-night Caribbean cruises can be taken aboard the Magic, Fantasy & the Wonder. Personally for me I would choose Magic or Fantasy when in the Caribbean as they have better slides. In Europe, the only option is the Disney Magic, which is the first ship we sail on and one of my favorites.A 7-night outing averages $189-$397 per person per day

7 Night Alaska Cruise

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On an Alaska cruise, prices vary much more dramatically by room class, as the Verandah is in high demand. If you plan on sailing to Alaska, prices can range from $6,500 to $17,000 for a 7-night cruise.That comes out to $232 to $602 per person.Inside cabins are much cheaper when it comes to Alaska, hovering around $6,500-8,000, but Verandah cabins really range more, from $8,900 to $17,000 for the same cruise.

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How much is Disney's new wish?

The newest Disney ship to set sail is the Disney Wish.

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The newdisney wishbegan sailing in July 2022. The ship departed Port Canaveral and sailed to the Bahamas andcastaway keyDisney Wish is currently priced slightly higher than other Disney cruises and we anticipate it to last about a year.

With that said, the new ship looks amazing and we can't wait to get on board one.

For a family of 4, a 3-night trip will cost around $3,000 to $5,000 per trip, which equals about$250 to $450 per person.The 4 night cruise is usually a better deal as you sail during the week. For 4 nights, the price for 4 people is $3,400 – $6,600, which equals to$212 – $412 per person.

Want a custom Disney Cruise cost quote: fill out ourDisney Cruise Consultationform and one of Tink's Magical Vacations representatives will contact you within 1 business day.

Additional Disney Cruise Costs to Consider:

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Fees –

Tips are around $40 per person on a 3 night cruise, $54.00 per person for a 4 night cruise and $94 per person for a 7 night cruise. A 15% gratuity is also added to any purchase of alcoholic beverages.

Shore Excursions and Cruise Experiences

You definitely don't need to do a shore excursion in every port, but they're pretty fun. I would estimate $100 per shore excursion you would like to take. Most of the time, you can book shore excursions from the ship.

Bibbidy Services Boppidi Boutique & Spa

If you're in the mood for some R&R, head to the sense spa for a wide range of services. Plus, you too can turn your little girl into a princess with a visit to the Bippidi Boppidi Boutique. Our girls have always loved this boutique! They love picking out their favorite princess dress and getting the full royal treatment. Although these services are extra, they are worth it because it really is magical to watch your emotion.

Premium alcohol and meals

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Alcohol is not included in your rate, so if you plan on having a few cocktails, budget accordingly for these expenses. On Disney Cruises ships, you can pay a little more to dine at Palo or Remy, which offer top-notch cuisine. Palo is available on all 4 Disney cruises, while Remy is only available on Dream and Fantasy.

How do Disney cruise prices compare to other cruise lines?

We all see the ads for a 3 night cruise for $299, although that might be great, comparing the $299 cruise to what Disney's cruise cost is apples and oranges. If you want to make a fair comparison, take a look at the main competitors, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and Carnival, and look at their newest ship fleet (less than 7 years old).

There you can see the best that each one has to offer. I compared Disney Fantasy in July with Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas. Prices ended up being $150-$200 more per person for the Disney cruise.

How to Save on a Disney Cruise

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Book with a travel agent! My number 1 tip!

I'll be honest, I feel silly saying this because it went against our initial instincts. In fact, we booked our first 8 cruises without a travel agent because we always thought we could get the best deal.

A travel agent can get you the same price you'll find anywhere else, plus they'll give you shipboard credit to spend on the ship and help you plan everything.

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we useTink's Magical Vacationfor all of our Disney trips because they know Disney Cruises, Disney World and Disneyland better than ever. I recommend your services.In addition to helping with planning, you get the best deal available + onboard credit!

Disney Cruise Deals: Special Offers

Disney cruises in 2021 will likely have more deals than ever before due to the current climate, however, don't underestimate the demand for Disney. You can find Disney cruise deals on an exclusive page forSpecial offers.

At the time of this writing, there is a 7-day cruise for just $116 per person per day. They have special offers for different trips, military rates, rates for Florida residents and savings for Canadian residents.

*Pro tip* When you see that special offer, contact yourtravel agentbecause they can get that offer plus the shipboard credit.

How much does a Disney cruise cost? | global munchkins (13)

Book in low season

If you want to save a lot of money, book your cruise in the off season, basically anytime the kids are normally at school. You will find that the Disney cruise cost is lowest in September, October, early November, January and February. So, if you can sail during these times, do it, it will save you a lot of money.

book in advance

If you know the itinerary you want and it's during a high season like summer or holidays, book the room ASAP. Disney cruise prices rarely go down, especially in high season, so the earlier you book, the better the price.

Book while on a cruise

Finally, if you're sailing on a Disney cruise and you love it, book another one while you're on board. You save 10% on the fare, plus you provide your travel agent's information and still receive the 10% bonus, plus your travel agent also provides this onboard credit.

Know what to bring and what not to bring!

One of the best ways to save money on more than just your Disney cruise is to know what to pack. We have a full breakdownDisney Cruise Packing List, which will let you know everything you can and should incorporate, as well as what you cannot. (Tip, you can bring some alcohol).

The 5 Disney Cruises

There are four ships in thedisney cruise line(5 when Wish arrives in Summer 2022). Each ship has its own characteristics and base, but all offer similar services and amenities.

Hedisney wish

How much does a Disney cruise cost? | global munchkins (14)

The Disney Wish is the newest of the Disney cruise ships and started sailing in the summer of 2022. The Wish has some amazing features like Frozen and Marvel themed restaurants, its first Disney sea ride, "The Aqua Mouse "and much more. advance

disney marvel

The Disney Wonder sails to Alaska, the Caribbean and the Bahamas. The Wonder is the only ship in the fleet to sail the West Coast, so you'll see her docked in San Diego from time to time, which is the only port of call for Disney's West Coast cruises. The Wonder is popular with superhero fans as it is home to the Marvel Super Hero Academy and Frozen, A Musical Spectacular.

disney magic

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The Disney Magic has one of the most exclusive itineraries sailing to the Bahamas and the Caribbean, and is the only ship sailing to Europe and the Greek Islands. There you will find a number of delightful cruises in Northern Europe and around the Mediterranean, with exciting port adventures available to guests. Magic is known for Rapunzel's Royal Table restaurant, Tangled: The Musical, and my kids' favorite waterslide, AquaDunk. (See ourfull reviewhere)

disney dream

The Disney Dream can be seen cruising around the Bahamas and Disney's private island, Castaway Cay. Dream normally runs 3 and 4 night trips. The Dream is popular with Star Wars fans because it has a playground resembling the Millennium Falcon inside the kids' club (it's really cool), and guests can enjoy the hit Broadway musical, Beauty and the Beast, every night. in the big theater of the city. to send.

fantasy disney

Disney Fantasy offers 7-night cruises to Castaway Cay and the eastern and western Caribbean. Have you ever seen a water coaster? You'll find the AquaDuck roller coaster aboard the Fantasy along with the Royal Court restaurant filled with every Disney princess and prince you can imagine, as well as Star Wars: Command Post for the little ones. As each cruise has specific destinations, if you want to book a specific ship, you will be limited by the variety of destinations on that ship.

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Map of Disney Cruise Destinations and Ports of Call

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How much does a Disney cruise cost? | global munchkins (16)
How much does a Disney cruise cost? | global munchkins (17)
How much does a Disney cruise cost? | global munchkins (18)

Do you have a question about Disney cruises or Disney cruise costs? Ask us in the comments.

Or feel free to send us a message atInstagram

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Disney Cruise Cost FAQs

How much does the Disney cruise cost?

This is the cost of a cruise for a family of 4
– 3-night Caribbean cruise. You might consider paying between $2,600 and $6,300 in
– The 4-night Caribbean cruise can range from $3,400 to $6,700.
– The 7-night cruise ranges from $5,300 to $10,000.
– Prices for the 7-night Alaska cruise can range from $6,500 to $17,000

When is the cheapest time to sail on a Disney cruise?

Typically, January, February, early March, September and October are the cheapest months to sail on a Disney cruise.

Is food free on a Disney Cruise?

Food is included in the cost of your Disney cruise, with the exception of two specialty restaurants: Palo & Remy, plus sweets from Vanellope's Sweet Shop. Alcoholic and specialty drinks are not included in the cost of the cruise and are charged separately

Is the Disney Cruise worth the extra money?

That depends. If you love Disney then yes. If you have kids ages 3-10, I'd say it's worth it. When you hit the age of 10, it really depends on how much you like Disney.

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