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Tithing Success Stories - MSIA (1)I took a huge leap of faith and started my own business 1 year ago. It took our entire savings account to open.

However, I knew that the Lord would provide for us. I was always amazed by the wonderful tithing success stories on the 700 Club TV show and I wanted to start the business off right so I started tithing all profits at 10% before I opened my business. In the first 3 months we tithed all the sales of the store and my husband's sales. I prayed that the business would grow rapidly as we needed the income. I prayed it would take off in 3 months. Miraculously in the third month the newspaper gave us a FREE front page article! God made it possible, no doubt in my mind, the great photo and article should have appeared in a magazine, but because of something with the photo it didn't work for the magazine, so they tricked us into appearing on the front page of our newspaper. village!! Sales and consignors came to our store this month. Sales figures broke records. However, the following month I stopped paying my tithing because I was concerned that other bills would not be paid. Then sales went back to neutral - we paid our rent and bills and made very little profit for the next 8 months. I have considered closing the shop. After much stress and tears. I know the answer to this problem! Get your tithing going and never stop! Today we went to our neighbor's church and I wrote this check as soon as possible. I can't wait to see the blessings God is working on right now! I know in my heart that as long as I remain obedient with my tithing, the Lord will do amazing things in our lives. And the more you give, the more you will receive, always.


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I have been tithing and planting for almost two years and holding a money magnet for about a year.

However, in the last few months, due to some unexpected expenses and lack of funds, I have reduced my tithing to 1% and in one month I have tithed nothing. I was recently laid off from my job and was even more concerned about how I would be able to pay my tithing. After re-reading “God Is Your Partner,” I not only realized that I couldn't afford not to tithe, but I also realized that there have been many blessings and miracles in my life since I started tithing. tithing, which was not necessarily tithing. at that time. I think the biggest thing that happened was a change in my consciousness. I feel somehow cared for and taken care of and not worried or tied to money in any way when I tithe. Things seem to flow, I always have enough, and I constantly feel blessed. I am so happy to reconnect with my faith and to have God as my partner. It feels so joyful to tithe and seed and I will continue to give the full 10% as this feels right to me and is the magic number!
A. L.

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I've read a lot of books on wealth lately, but only one book by Catherine Ponder mentions tithing.

So I decided that I would do it with my next paycheck, which happened to be yesterday. I gave 10% of my gross income to my church. After I mailed this check, I paid off the rest of my bills and found I had enough to cover them with nothing left until my husband's check later in the week. I checked my balance this morning and discovered that an additional check had been cashed that I forgot to write. This should have overdrawn my account, but after paying my bills and this check I still have extra money left over. I had no idea that tithing would work so quickly. God is really wonderful.
As a homemaker, she had no income to tithe. My husband had an income and it was my responsibility to pay the bills. We had talked briefly about tithing, but he was more interested in making small contributions to local organizations that do good for the community. Great idea, I know, but no tithing. I thought it was important to respect his wishes.

Back then, I didn't tithe regularly. Finances were very tight and both families supported us with money, then I started working, only 4 hours a week, teaching dance to children and youth. Since it was my income, I decided to tithe on it: 10%. Which is about $25 a month... So I decided to tithe 1% of my husband's income, which was still less than the full amount of my own monthly income. Then things started to happen. My husband's job bonuses came in and basically doubled his monthly income. We "remember" an investment that we cash in and use to pay off our student loans.

We then found out that our trip to Los Angeles for Liam's baby blessings, which we had been saving up for, would also pay off; in fact, my dad and sister were "arguing" over who would pay for our hotel room! I found it quite funny...

So I started planting. I was then offered to replace someone in the dance studio who is retiring, which will triple my hours starting in September and hopefully increase my hourly rate. Then my husband's father shows up with a large check from a cashed insurance policy. Then my mother came with a big check for us that she had saved for us. At that point I decided it was time to tell my husband what he had done. I couldn't tell him. Well his reaction wasn't as excited as I was seeing the connection between tithing and gambling and all the interesting raises BUT he didn't tell me to stop which I think is a step in the right direction! !

As a next step, in the coming months I will try to increase my husband's salary tithe to 5%. It's a risk, but I don't see how NOT to take the risk. I have now paid 10% of the raises/gifts we have seen since we started tithing, whereas before I only tithed 1% of reciprocal gifts to our family. Sometimes it's scary, it may sound strange, but it feels that way inside, but then I remember, I'm jumping off the cliff, YES, and into the arms of God. That feels good!

Now we still have a little debt but all at 0% interest and we are budgeted and plan to pay it off by the end of 2008 heading towards a debt free goal in the near future and start saving for next year 2009 And of course do everything with God as our partner.


I was recently laid off from my job of 14 years. Despite my concerns about money, among other things, I tithe more than usual. I have always resisted this in this matter. The following week I found out that I had received a 26 week severance package and also had a new job coming up that paid more than in the past. God really has a way of processing all of this.


I am 27 years old. I have known about tithing for a while, but I have always found excuses when it comes to tithing. When we were together, my husband would tithe if there was a promotion, but I was never sentenced to do so. Then I read an article about tithing while browsing the internet and I read Malachi 3 on 8-10 and I thought about tempting God. I had applied for a position as Human Resources Manager and was called for an interview. Two days later, the company called me for a second interview. They called me and told me that they had decided to select two people for the position and that they had created a second person position for me as Assistant Director of Human Resources. The offer was over 100% more than the salary I was receiving and I saw the hand of God through it all.

First, I want to infinitely thank God for touching my heart and allowing me to live according to His will. The tithing story I have to tell begins when I had a long-hour job at a fast food restaurant that left me no time to meet at my local church. This made me very sad because I was subject to company policies and working hours. I once made an agreement with God that God would allow me to have a job of his will and if he granted me that request, I would give him ten percent of my income. A month after making this pact with God, I received a call from another job and now I can enjoy more time with my son; I dedicate more time to church and most importantly I give 10 percent of my income to God. My personal advice is that regardless of the current situation you find yourself in in life, the great men of God have always activated the hand of God by tithing. Start today and open the door of heaven in your favor. God bless you all!


I am the Managing Director of a company called www.ten-percent.co.uk based in the UK that provides recruitment legal advice. You might be wondering what this has to do with tithing - we've been giving 10% of our earnings to charity every year since the year 2000, specifically tithing! It works – it always feels great to donate proceeds directly to a charity, supporting projects in Africa and the UK. We have paid cows to Kenya, wells in East Africa and a number of projects in the UK. I challenge as many others as possible to do the same. Although our company is quite small (

J. F.

I am 30 years old and have been involved in the Church since I was 8 years old. I have to admit that I had my doubts about tithing. I have always felt that it should enrich pastors. My life changed in 1997 when I got married and changed careers. After years of working in IT, I quit my job to become an insurance salesperson. There was no guarantee of income, and since I had just bought a new house, I was really scared. I sold my employee shares and received about $40,000. Ironically, when I handed in my resignation, the shares were worth half as much. Miraculously, the company I left became the target of an acquisition and the stock price skyrocketed. Looking back, God prepared me for my new adventure.

I'm not sure why, but due to the unexpected rise in stock price, I felt compelled to donate 10% ($4,000) to my local church. The results this year have been phenomenal. Sales popped up everywhere. Not a week went by without him making a deal. I was one of the best salespeople in my industry, second Rookie of the Year at my company, and ranked in the top 10 company salespeople. I even qualified for a foreign sales conference to Mexico.

Although I was grateful, I did not attribute that success to tithing. When I was young (25 at the time) I felt that he was a great salesman. Without exception, sales dried up and then I emigrated. It would take me 10 years later to start my own business. The first year was hell and it seemed like I was working 10 hour days and not harvesting anything. My relationship with God was great again and God spoke to me on the subject of tithing. For the first time I had a complete understanding of this divine principle and its implications. I realized that tithing wasn't really about our money, it was about our hearts. We cannot say that we put God first and refuse to tithe the first fruits of our increase.

When Jesus said seek first the kingdom and all things will be added, now I understand what he meant. Tithing is a great way to show that we seek God first. Without exception, when we do this, all our needs will be met by our Heavenly Father. I started tithing every penny that came into my business or personal account. The results were amazing. I once had to choose between tithing $1,200 or not paying a major bill that could seriously affect my business. I put God first and the next day I got a letter from my accountants saying the helmsman owed me $14,000 (wow).

Doors open everywhere. When he wasn't tithing, he had trouble getting customers. Since paying tithing, I have miraculously gained access to over 20 of the top banks and financial institutions in my industry.

I encourage everyone to put their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and not stop tithing. God does not need our money, but our heart. If the heart is true, it will gladly release the abundance it has promised. I have set up a number of services that I support in my online banking account. Once the money comes in, I can transfer the tithing or donation with the push of a button. This avoids delays and confusion. Now, as soon as I know the money is on its way to me, I'll tithe it before it arrives. My heart now is to increase my giving as I see the amazing results in both my business and family life.


Yes, like all of us, I was very skeptical about tithing until about three months ago when I decided to take God's challenge. Since then I have seen God move mightily in my finances. I received two raises, the first was 5% and the second was 15%. And now I have complete peace in my life. I will continue to tithe until the Lord calls me home.


I'm 25 years old. When I got married at 22, my husband always said that we have to give our money to God. I never believed it and just shrugged and ignored the fact. I was in charge of paying the bills and I knew how much money we had and at that time it was not enough. Then I read several books on tithing, and one sentence really struck me: "God doesn't want your spare change." As a child, I always remembered that my family spent about $1.00 in tithes every Sunday at church and invested the offering. So I grew up thinking that this was the way to tithe. It didn't occur to me until I started paying my first tithes that God is actually showering his blessings on you when you bear your first fruits. We are in the military and we barely had anything when we left. Now I can say that with God's help, love, and guidance, we still pay our tithing and trust that God will provide for us. Now every time I dig into finance, I can see the increase and it's amazing. No debt, just a growing income and an increase in faith and love for my God. I try to share my story with others and many resist what I have to say now like I did with my husband at first, but I really want them to feel and see what I have since we have grown up. About a month ago I started scrimping on my money since I'm a teacher and didn't get a summer paycheck (I was on a 10 month salary plan not 12) so I stopped tithing. Big mistake and God was disappointed. I noticed that all of my savings and retirement accounts/funds either went down or stayed the same and didn't grow like they normally do. Then I went to church, made my offering, it was a very generous offering, and then I checked my accounts and wow, the increase was amazing. It was like getting my tithe back and then some. You have to trust God. Give, give, give. You will be miraculously blessed just as my husband and I were. At the bottom of the checks I send, I write on the note line: God's purpose. He will use your offer to help other people and the feeling you get after handing over that check is one of peace and comfort. Do it!


I wanted to share my story and testify that God keeps His word regarding tithing. I have been tithing and giving firstfruits and seed offerings for the last four years and during that time I have been tremendously blessed. I have seen my income increase by 67% in 5 years. I discovered that I live in places and can afford and do things that I could never have imagined! The best part is that I have real peace!

N. K.

I wouldn't have believed it if it hadn't happened to me personally, so I want to share my story JUST IN CASE someone is on the fence and wondering if tithing will work for them or not. FOUR DAYS AGO I found your tithing page and decided to donate 10% of my bank account. Keep in mind I'm unemployed and didn't have much (and rent is due soon etc) but still donated $57...I felt in my heart it was the right thing to do. Okay now it's been FOUR DAYS and today I got a check in the mail for $475 from one of my credit cards that has been mistakenly charging me a weird fee for YEARS and is now refunding me with a huge apology. Nothing like this has ever happened to me! Needless to say, by the time my check clears, I tithe $47.50! And it FEELS good... especially at a time when I feel helpless with my financial situation. Excellent! Tithe and then forget about it and feel good about giving something back. Soon you will see the miracle for yourself!…

WAIT! I sent my success story too fast because I didn't finish opening the rest of my mail! The next letter I opened was one from a previous employer telling me that he still had some stock that he had forgotten about and if he would sign his form, he would send me a check for $1,500.00! Excellent. I'm very fortunate

j l

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