[Tutorial:PKHeX] How to spawn legal/legitimate Pokemon for beginners (2023)

How to Breed Cool Pokemon with PKHeX for Beginners

Section I: Main

I won't go into too much detail about the exceptions to nature/IV spreads; Ball/Combinations; Post Gen 5 Shiny Events etc. This is to encourage you to do your own research, as well as providing specific examples from previous generations.

1. Open PKHeX (it will automatically load your current "main" if the directory exists) and drag the "main" file into the opened window.

2. Here you see this familiar window:

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On the first tab, you'll see a variety of options. Of course, to start with, you need to have a Pokemon in mind. Thereforetutorial, we are creating a cool Faraway Island Mew from Pokémon Emerald.
For the species, we select "Mew" from the drop-down list. Then we decide to set a nickname or not.When creating a strange Pokémon, the name will be changed to the strange one.If you want to keep your voice name, give the Pokémon a nickname and check the box.
In this case, we leave the checkbox unchecked.
For Exp/Level, you need to research available levels in the specific location where your Pokemon can be caught. I suggest using a combination of Serebii.com, Bulbapedia.com and Pokemondb.net.

Since we are creating Mew, from the Far Isle, we can look up information to see what level it can be captured:

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Now we know it's only available on one level; 30

For nature. This part can be extremely easy or a little tricky, depending on whether you want your Pokemon to look cool or legit. If you choose the former, it doesn't matter which type you choose. If you want it to look legit, consider the following:

Only 4 natures are possible for 31/31/31/31/31/31 Pokémon caught in generations 3 and 4 (exceptions below). These natures are quiet, docile, modest and shy.

  • Wild Pokémon of different genders (including Heatran) caught in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum have 7 possible natures for 31/31/31/31/31/31. These are quiet, docile, hasty, modest, peculiar, bold and shy. Wild Pokémon of different genders caught in Heart Gold and Soul Silver have 6 possible natures for December 31/31/31/31/31/31. These are quiet, docile, modest, quiet, impudent and shy.
  • Shinies obtained through Pokeradar in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum can have any IV/Nature combination.
  • Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald wild (excluding legendaries) Pokémon have 9 possible natures for December 31/31/31/31/31/31. These are quiet, cautious, docile, tough, careless, modest, naive, rash and timid.

Now, for this Pokemon, we're going to set the Nature to Modest because we plan to give it a perfect IV spread of 31/31/31/31/31/31; which we know to be a legitimate combination.

The held item can be anythingBesides: Game specific items (e.g. blue/red ball), MegaStones, Z-Stones, etc.). The item doesn't matter if you don't trade the Pokémon.

For the friendship section, you need to know the "Basic Luck" of the Pokemon you are breeding. Again, there are several places you can check Pokemon luck, I like Pokemondb.net.

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Here we can see that your base luck is "100", so let's put it at that.

The next section is skill. Most legendaries only have one ability, Mew's is Sync. While PKHeX gives you the option to select three skills from the dropdown menu, the third one isalwaysis considered the "hidden ability". This is another thing that requires research. While some Pokémon have their hidden abilities available, many of them don't; or just because of special circumstances.You must research your Pokémon's abilities to ensure that it can exist in the game.

If the first two abilities are the same, you can choose either one.

For the language it doesn't matter unless you want to breed a specific pokemon that is only available for one region like heretutorial. For Mew, we select "JPN" and do the same for "Country" and "3DS Region" (as mentioned earlier, you'll notice that the "Nickname" field has been filled in with the foreign name).

Now you should have something like this:

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Section II: Coup

This is probably the section where people go wrong the most when it comes to spawning Pokémon. I'm not exactly sure why, as it's very straightforward. The first section is the source game, which you should know by default once you've decided to breed your chosen Pokemon. It can be very specific when spawning Pokemon with older moves or moves only available from previous generation tutors, etc.This is where research comes into play. Research to be 100% sure that the Pokemon at the level/type you specified could be from this game.
For Mew, we'll set the Origin game to Emerald.

The next section is the meeting point. If you spawn a bred Pokémon, you must set this toany route or city in the GAME where it is supposed to "SCHRUTEN".So if you chose Moon as your home game, you can choose any route or city in Pokémon Moon as your meeting point. Then you need to check the box “Like an egg” below. From the drop-down menu under Location, select Day Care Employees. The dateMUST be a date BEFORE the fulfillment date in the field above.Most Pokémon from previous generations will leave you wanting to make choices.„Poké-Transfer“.The only time this is different is when you generateEvent Pokemon only, some of which have VERY specific locations.For Mew, we select "Poké transfer" as indicated.

Then it's as simple as picking the Poké Ball for your chosen Pokemon. In terms of legitimate vs legal, there are quite a few combinations in terms of generations and Poké Balls available. This is usually reserved for Dream Balls, Apricot Balls in Gen 6, and Beast Balls in Gen 7. Since we're creating a Gen 3 Shiny Mew, using a Master Ball makes sense to me.

Now you need to set the call level. For all Pokémon created, this is set to '1'. For everything else, you should be able to copy the layer selected in the previous step. If you're spawning a battle-ready Pokémon, you should research your Pokémon's available level if you didn't do so in Section I. After the first one, we set Mew's level to 30.

The fulfilled date does not really affect the legality. You are free to set this, as only Pokemon born in the generation you are spawning for will show the actual date. (i.e. breeding a Gen 7 Pokémon in Gen 7 will show an exact date). Any Pokemon from previous generations will simply read “…. Traveled through space and time". However, for the sake of legitimacy, we will set the date of the Met to 7/27/2005, when we learn that the article from the event has been distributed.

The Fateful Encounter Box is reserved for Event Pokémon/Special Pokémon only. You won't use this in most cases. Since this special Mew,tutIf you get the Fateful Encounter flag on transfer, check this box.

Your Pokémon should look something like this:

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Section III: Statistics

This will be a fairly short section as most things are obvious. You can specify the IV/EVs yourself or choose them randomly. Note that no Pokémon can have a total of more than 510 EV points across all six stats and no more than 31 IVs. You can also adjust the hidden power to your liking or set all IVs to 31 by holdingCTRL and click "Randomize IVs".If you want a specific trait, you can follow this chart to set your IVs to match what you want. For Mew, I give him 31 IVs in all stats, giving him a dark occult power and the Takes a lot of naps trait.

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** As mentioned in Section I, if you want the Pokémon to look real, you mustmust recognizelegitimate Nature/IV spreads for the selected generation**

Competition stats have absolutely no impact on legality, so you can choose any number up to 255 in each stat. However, for the sake of legitimacy, I will leave this section blank.

So we are left with something like this:

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Section IV: Attacks

The attack section is also very specific. Depending on the Pokémon you chose to breed, you will need to catch it.Be especially careful when researching available attacks. Attacks can be restricted by generation, level, events and tutors. Pokemondb.com offers a wide range of Pokemon moves based on their respective generation and how they are learned. I recommend using it to check the legality of your pokemon attacks.

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For example, Mew can learn any move. So I thought we could have some fun and give him some coveted third generation moves. We give it Defog, Soft-Boiled, Will-O-Wisp and Knock Off. Apparently he is a Staller Mew. As he was born Gen 3 but traded to Gen 7, all moves including and up to the latest generation are available to him as long as all conditions are met.
The PP Up section in the sidebar is completely optional. If you like, you can "fake" using PP Ups and give all of your Pokemon's attacks as much PP as they can get.

Relearning moves usually involve egg moves or moves learned at a lower level. Sometimes Pokémon (particularly Event/Special Pokémon from previous generations) don't have any Relearn Moves, so you can leave them blank. If the Pokémon has relearned moves, you can click outside the box and the program will fill in the spaces with suggested moves. For Mew, we leave this section blank.

Now for the next section.

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Section V: OT/Other.

The TID/OT information at the top of the tab is automatically populated when you load the save file. If not, you can click outside the field to fill it in, or manually enter your information if you know how. If you generate for someone else youmust use their information in this field, not yours.For Mew, let's leave the field as it is.

The "last handler (non-OT)" section is only used if the Pokémon has been "traded". That is, if it's a Pokemon you got from someone else or one you spawned from a previous generation. The name does not matter as this field does not require TID/SID information. For Mew, let's just put our OT in that box as well.

Markers are generated by the game itself or correspond to the Pokémon's generation and cannot be changed. Other markings are optional.

The Ribbons tab contains all ribbons available in the game. These are also completely optional and do not affect legality.NOTE: Event-specific bands prevent your Pokémon from being traded over Wi-Fi; They trade over Wi-Fi direct (if the Pokemon with the band is legal), otherwise ALL Pokemon are traded via local.Since we want Mew to be as real as possible, we won't be using ribbons.

Medals do not affect legality. These can be chosen freely. However, I advise caution when choosing Medals, which are not available in current generations for current generation Pokémon.

Memories are something you generally don't have to mess with unless you're creating a Pokemon from scratch. If your Pokémon is traded here, the OT Memories tab will be grayed out while "The Pokémon seems to have a good memory" will be displayed. On the next tab, "Memories with: Not OT", the top option, "Memory Type", depends on how the Pokemon was caught. For traded Pokémon, select the option "{0} became friends with {1} when it reached {2} via Link Trade. {4} as {3}". Then you can choose "anywhere" for the area if you're not sure, or "Pokémon Center". For the next section of Intensity, just leave the default setting of The Pokémon Remembers. And for the last section, Feel, you can choose whatever you like.

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completion of creation

Now return to the first tab called "Main". At the top you will see "PID" with a gray button next to it called "Reroll". Click this button. If you want to make your Pokémon shiny, you can also click on the "star" icon to the left of the PID.

After scrolling through the PID, return to the last tab "OT/Misc." At the very bottom, you'll see "Encryption Constant" with a gray button labeled "Reroll" and a number similar to the PID. You also need to click on it, return to the "Main" tab one last time and repeat the PID one more time to make sure it matches the new encryption constant.

And that's it! Now you should have a 100% legal Pokemon recognized by PKHeX and of course the game itself! Have Fun Gening!!

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CREDITS:@ Kaphoticsfor PKHeX,Bulbapedia.comepokemondb.net.

EUif you appreciate ittutorial, I think oneCafé [Tutorial:PKHeX] How to spawn legal/legitimate Pokemon for beginners (12)

EDIT: With recent PKHeX legality updates affecting PID/Nature/Encounters/IV with Pokémon in generation 3/4/, spawning these Pokémon from scratch will ALWAYS result in an illegal Pokémon as read by PKHeX.The Pokemon is still recognized as "legal" by the game as it doesn't take PID into account when determining legality once it's carried over to generation 6/7.

However, if you want them to look as real as possible, I recommend using them.RNGReporter.This allows you to get a legal spread of your supposed RNG Seed Target Pokemon to use in PKHeX. Alternatively, you can actively RNG these Pokemon in those games through the emulator and transfer them with PKHeX.

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